QUIZ – What type of emotional eater are you and what is your eating style?
No. Question TRUE FALSE
Q1 I tend to overeat one or two certain types of food
Q2 Once I have one bite of food such as a certain type of dessert, dairy product, baked good, or salty junk food, my eating habits and apetite go out of control
Q3 I sometimes worry – often without justification – that I won’t get enough to eat
Q4 I crave certain flavours or types of foods, and sometimes the only way to make the cravings go away is to eat whatever I have the desire for
Q5 I have gone to extreme lengths (ie. driven several miles out of my way; spent excessive money etc) to get the food I’m craving
Q6 I only overeat when I’m feeling a string emotion, such as anger or depression
Q7 Right fater work, I head straight for food
Q8 I tend to eat whenever I am bored
Q9 Sometimes out of the blue, I’ll find that i’m incredibly hungry
Q10 I feel uncomfortable openly displaying or talking about my feelings
Q11 I wish I were a more confident and strong person
Q12 Just when I lose enough weight to start receiving compliments or admiring glances, I tend to start putting the weight back on again
Q13 For the most part, I want to lose weight to please my spouse, parent, lover or some other person
Q14 I’m almost to the point where I’ve given up hope that I’ll ever lose my excess weight; maybe I’m meant to be overwweight
Q15 My weight makes me feel bad about myself, and when I gain weight, I feel like a failure
Q16 I never seem to have enough time to eat right or exercise
Q17 I’m so busy that some days I winder if I’ll drop from exhaustion
Q18 I seen to be working harder these days and getting less accomplished 
Q19 The only way I can unwind most of the time is when I am eating
Q20 Food is a great pick me upwhen i’m feeling drained but feel that I need to keep going
Q21 My weight changes during the seasons; I’m one weight in the summer and a different weight during the winter
Q22 Eating is one of the few pleasures left in my life
Q23 Sometimes when I am lonely, I’ll nibble on whatever’s handy
Q24 Usually when I diet, i’ll eventually stop caring whether I lose weight or not. That’s when I return to overeating
Q25 I often go back for 2nd or 3rd helpings of ‘diet’, low-fat or low-calorie foods
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