Energy 4 Life (E4L) is a natural healthcare system that activates the Chakra’s and Human Energy Field. It is a powerful energetic approach, coaching people to live Healthy, Happy and Successful Lives.
The flow of energy in the human body, mind and spirit is the foundation of health and success. Energy 4 Life uses 4 modalities (Psychology, Balance, Foods and Exercise) to teach increased energy flow with each one being based on a different element.
Earth Energy
Specific yoga postures and Energy Exercises that are designed to develop physical health, increase body awareness and enhance the flow of energy.
Water Energy
Alignment techniques that are aimed to instantly affect the nervous system. This includes deep relaxation and meditation. This balances emotion and promises energy.
Fire Energy
The subtle energetics of food, detoxification and nutritional health are thoroughly explored with the aim of managing energy and restoring health.
Air Energy
Positive psychology, thought power, mind processes and quantum dynamics are all taught, enabling people to make deep and lasting change in their own lives.
Energy 4 Life (E4L) works on your core energy and Chakra’s focusing on directional flow, nadis and forces of energy. Core Energy is the still point of our very existence, the hub around which the wheels of light known as the Chakra’s revolve.
E4L draws on ancient spiritual teachings and the cutting edge sciences of quantum physics, near-biology and consciousness studies. It is a meeting of science and spirit that answers the calling of our time. This concept goes beyond enhancing health and utilises caching skills to support conscious living and help you get from where you are to where you want to be in your life.
Energy Psychology is the main modality of the four modalities. Without the right ‘frame of mind’ and having a positive mental attitude, nothing else is going to matter or happen. Psychology is looking at human behaviours and characteristics and then being ale to understand them. There are many different types and teachings about what psychology is ranging from concentrating on the negative things in a persons life to a practised named ‘humanistic psychology’.
People today are continuinly moving towards their wholeness, trying to unfold what is in them and who they are. People are starting to ask themselves ‘Who am I? What am I here for?’ and looking more from a higher consciousness.
New paradigm medicine allows us to look at people in a different way using body, mind and spirit rather than looking at what is wrong. People spend too much time on focusing on what is wrong without looking at what is right with them. This results in negativity, self sabotage, negative mind chatter, failure and loss. By setting unrealistic and unattainable achievements, these negative behaviours are bound to appear.
Humanistic psychology and positive psychology are, in my opinion, the most effective types and unlike counselling, coaching focuses on the bright side of human nature rather than focusing on the negatives of people’s behaviour, what is wrong with them etc.
Psychology explores how people think, feel and behave. It learns how to study people and their behaviours allowing us to understand their psyche as well as our own. Energy 4 Life works from the ancient traditions and the new knowledge of the psyche and how it works. After all, everything is energy so it is the power behind everything in E4L and in life.
When working with clients, Im always mindful of the fact that everyone has a ‘life script’ and that the way in which they have charged them may be holding them back. My clients have experienced huge shifts and releasing’s in their coaching sessions with myself which just re-affirms just how affective these sessions are.
Why is Energy Psychology important in E4L?
Energy Psychology enhances the free flow of energy within and throughout our systems. Energy 4 Life explores the energy behind people’s thoughts, feelings and actions. It looks at people’s values, their life scripts to understand what has happened and how that has shaped them and their beliefs.
Energy 4 Life concentrates on your Chakra system, which holds the key to spiritual awakening, psychological wellbeing and also your health. Because each of the Chakra’s governs a different stage of psychological and spiritual development, this will create different levels of consciousness, which will occur when carrying out the exercises that I go through with my clients which will deepen with practice and time.
Since Chakra’s are responsible for creating and maintaining our existence, by working with them it will creat a pathway that will take you from yourself to connect with the universe.
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ENERGY BALANCE – What is it?
Many people in today’s society live their lives at very fast paces whilst taking no time to be at one with themselves. Many of us also intake stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes and chocolate, which we take in order to compensate for the fact that we are feeling tired or run down.
Energy Balance is about re-energising and re-balancing your entire system. It works with the Chakra’s and energy pathways to assist the body to rest and deeply regulate its energy and re-tune the powerful source of energy. These powerful treatments can be used and can be very useful when healing and support is needed.
Energy Balance uses techniques like breath awareness, relaxation, meditation, body alignment and hands on bodywork and healing. The body, mind and spirit is fully integrated and inner stability is restored and re-established.
Energy Balance also expands the breath, slows the heart rate, focuses the mind, induces stillness and increases the present into the body, mind and spirit. Energy Balance also brings about a greater connection to the divine source and concentrates on the body in order to facilitate the journey of the soul.
Why is Energy Balance important in E4L? 
E4L (Energy 4 Life) uses several exercises to help with Energy Balance. I always allow people go into each exercise so that they can feel their own energy and have an awareness of what is happening with the energy at all times. Some examples of what energy balancing exercises might be are; Body Alignment, Chakta Balancing, Energy 4 Life Balance and Exit Point work.
E4L uses Energy Balance to create space and allow our systems to se;f-regulate on a deeper energetic level. It can also rest, refuel and heal the body more in half an hour than it can when getting a full nights sleep. Inner stability is re-gained as the body, mind and spirit is fully integrated.
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ENERGY FOODS – What is it?
Food is something we as humans all need to ingest in order to function and survive, We can however choose what ingredients this consists of in order to promote and enhance wellbeing, increase in energy levels and many more benefits. Everything that is ingested by your body can either have a negative impact on your mental health and wellbeing or a positive one. Which one are you going to choose?
Energy food works with your body and the fire element. It works with all of the others as well dependent on the foods that you choose to eat.
All ingredients can therefore be put into elements so its a good idea to know which elements apply to each food group to ensure that you are not over eating fire and earth and that you are taking in more air and water foods. For example, Air Foods would be made up of Fruits, Nuts and Seeds, Fire Foods would be made up of Grains, Pulses and Legumes (carbs) , Water Foods would be made up of Green Vegetables, Cucumbers, Melons, Squash, Marrows etc and Earth Foods would be made up of Root Vegetables, Tubers, Beets, Potatoes, Carrots, Onions etc. I also use herbal medicine derived from plants and herbs, Ayurveda, the Glycemic Index and a few other techniques when working with my clients about their nutrition, mental health and wellbeing, weight management and food choices. In most cases its also a case of giving people the information for them to make informed choices for their own health and most of the government guidelines and advice out there is conflicting and confusing. I am here to take all that away from you and work with you closely so that you can get optimum health and nutrition from the food you eat.
Digestion also extends to the emotions. The digestive system plays a huge part in your overall health and wellbeing. For example, eating too many Fire and Earth foods drains energy and will leave you feeling lethargic and severely lacking in energy.
Purchasing foods from a whole foods store, farmers market, locally sourced produce, and preferably organic wherever possible will increase row vitamins and minerals found in the food and remember the saying; ‘The longer the shelf life, the shorter your life!’. Eating foods that are as close to nature as possible and therefore seasonal and be conscious that you are eating for energy. After all, your body is a machine. Think about how and when you eat. One thing I also do with my clients is look at their own relationship with food and this can hold some really valuable and key information.
Why is Energy Foods important in E4L?
Energy Foods helps you to understand what your body and mind will get from the food that you are eating. Energy 4 Life helps you to understand the energy of each group and how you can make better, more informed choices to create high energy within yourself.
It is important in Energy 4 Life as high energy living is completely reliant on high-energy foods. The quality of energy in your body relates directly to what you eat which in turn has an effect on your physical, emotional and spiritual self. After all, as the saying goes…’you are what you eat’.
high-energy foods, which are rich in colour and tend to be raw or live foods are known to have a higher vibratory frequency which helps to keep the body vibrant, healthy and free from disease. Whereas a poor diet will result illness and fatigue.
The main importance of Energy Foods in E4L is quite simply that food is energy and ingesting the correct Energy Foods will maintain a healthy body and mind.
There is a chemical and mechanical process that takes place when eating and the digestion functions are:
1. Ingest – Eat
2. Digest – breakdown of foods
3. Absorb – the absorption of nutrients.
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Energy Exercises are gentle flowing, yin movements that are sometimes dynamic. Sessions dependant on the client’s needs and requirements and time of the day can be used to stimulate (i.e morning or daytime) or to clam (i.e in the evenings) each individuals energy systems. The greatest benefits are achieved through regular daily practice. There are many Energy Exercises that are available using the Energy 4 Life principals. They are also designed to work on the elements; Air, Fire, Earth and Water.
Why is Energy Exercise important in E4L?
Energy Exercises are an important aspect of Energy 4 Life as they restore and maintain the health of your physical vehicle (your body) allowing the spiritual experience to take place. Each Energy Exercise is designed to release tension and enhance energy flow. They are also designed too stimulate and release energy, unwanted or otherwise. Each exercise relates to one of the five elements; Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether. Since the body is made up of each of these elements, each relating to one of the Chakra’s, the aim is to encourage the contraction and expansion of energy through the body. mind and spirit working directly with the flow of energy.
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