Jo is a qualified Energy 4 Life Wellness Coach, NLP Practitioner, Nutritionist and Motivational Speaker. She also has qualifications as an Angelic Reiki Master, Crystal Healer, Intuitive Healer, Healing Practitioner and Tarot/Angel Card Reader. Her experience as an Inspirational Writer working on various newsletters aimed at wellbeing & Stress Management have allowed her to excel in her field enhancing the quality of life in others. As well as holding diplomas in each of these areas of expertise, Jo also holds qualifications in Business Management, Management of staff and customer care. After 18 years experience in the corporate world as a successful Business Development Director specialising in Sales & Marketing, she realised the growing need and importance of implementing a conscious way of living into everything she teaches to promote wellbeing, Stress Management & Empowerment in others.

She brings a wealth of knowledge, understanding and a dedication of learning into what she teaches and is continually exploring and researching different ways of creating wellbeing into the lives of others.

Jo talks about living in a higher state of consciousness in order for individuals to reach and understand their full
potential, from initial consultation right through to you being able to take the next step of integrating positive thought patterns into your everyday life. Most of this can be achieved through energy work & techniques, diet & nutrition, stress management, coaching, guided meditations and breath work. Reaching this higher state of consciousness enables you to not only change unhealthy patterns of behaviour but entire negative thought processes. Being able to handle ‘old’ patterns in ‘new’ ways, allows you to see the bigger picture and the real importance of the situation clearer whilst learning new information about who you really are and your true purpose in life. Jo calls this your Life Path.

The Pink Lotus – Wellbeing, Stress Management & Energy Medicine Centre was set up with the sole intention of guiding you through to Optimum Health, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Wellbeing and being able to manage everyday stresses through various measures, all with their individual benefits. The Pink Lotus Centre is an alternative to visiting your GP and a truly natural and holistic approach to healing. It’s clean, pure and without any chemicals but most importantly, clients are left with a feel good factor afterwards. If you are unsure about your path or what you need or would like to work on first, please call us today to arrange an informal chat or to book a consultation.
We hope you enjoy reading the content of this website and find it as enlightening as we did in writing it.

Finally, congratulations on making a conscious decision to shift your energy and patterns of unhealthy behaviour from negative, lethargic and unhealthy to a new world of wellbeing, success and empowerment. Just by you visiting this website, you are now ready to make a change!

Contact details:

TELEPHONE:        07905 602197
FACEBOOK:         The Pink Lotus
TWITTER:             @thePLwellbeing
LINKEDIN:            Jo Tamplin
SKYPE:                 Jo.tamplin1
We are based in Warminster, Wiltshire & Somerset (UK) but have clients in London, Canada, US and other countries. We are more than happy to travel to assist our clients.
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